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History of Pearls:

Pearls are genuine precious stones which have survived, matured and are currently connected to a bountiful heritage. Pearls are the oldest known gem, and they boast a legacy of just about 2000 years old. Not only were pearls worn to symbolize affluence and power, but they were also sought after as medical apprentices to cure illness. The iconic Pearl also suggests a sense of feminine purity and charm.

Pearls have been notably sported by figureheads throughout history. Pearls were worn by powerful inhabitants of Asia and the Middle East in as early as 3500 B.C. Also, the popularity of Pearls became abundant during Ancient Roman times during the reign of Julius Caesar. Here, Pearls were so critical that one Pearl’s worth was enough to support an entire political campaign. Thus, continually to this day precious Pearls have been uniquely sought after for their glowing appearance and symbolic charm.

Because of the rich use of technology today, many companies have been able to master the dynamic of faux pearl-making. This ingenuous attitude has allowed many to enjoy the wealth of Precious Pearls, including the beauty and genuine feel, while at the same time paying a very affordable rate.