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Faux vs Genuine Pearls

Although faux pearls ultimately resemble genuine pearls, there are a few key differences between the two. Real pearls are typically imperfect; that is they come from a source of water (salt or fresh) and must be handled by a professional to sort out the imperfections (bumps, grainy and ragged edges). Faux pearls however are perfect and do not need any mechanical enhancements.

A genuine pearl’s natural color can run the spectrum from white to black. Also, there is a certain luster which is associated with authentic pearls—it can be described as a colorful gleam in which many colors subtly reflect off the pearl. Faux pearl colors run the same spectrum as that of genuine pearls. The color and metallic luster of a faux pearl however is created through a coating of a liquid substance, and this creates a very smooth effect. Therefore, simply by sight, the differences between genuine and faux pearls are barely noticeable.